Corion de Uraco Lamp

Lamps From Chile 2018
Maule Region, Chile

Coiron is a type of grass that grows at the locality of Uraco, where the artisans recollect it from the hills and then sew it with nylon thread. We added a steel piece with an integrated screw, to be joined to the bulb holder, also facilitating the artisan work, making bigger products in less time.

  • Craft: Coiron de Uraco

  • Locality: Uraco, Chile

  • Designers: Paula Corrales & Mitsue Kido

  • Year of Production: 2018

  • Material: Coiron, Stainless Steel

  • Artisans: Ema Muñoz and Family

  • Contact Info: (56) 9 8973 0749

  • Tech Specs: E27 Led Electric System with 2 core textile cord

Photographer: Alejandro Galvez

For more info, please contact us via e-mail to:
or paulacorrales.studio@gmail.com