Crin Weaving Lamp
Lamps From Chile 2018
Maule Region, Chile

Crin is a type of weaving craft that consists in the concentric criss-cross between horsehair and vegetable fiber, being the circle the main shape of this unique craft.
Artisans usually make decorative pieces, such as jewelery, and iconic figures, working circles between 2 to 12 cm diameter.

Understanding the growth of this kind of technique, was decided to put into the limit the artisan and the craft,  making circules up to 25 cm diameter (limit made by the long of the vegetable fiber used to structure the weaving).

Having this circules, and understanding the translucensy  the light horsehair has, was decided to make for the first pieces, applique lamps, highlighting this way the criss-cross of the technique. 

  • Craft: Crin

  • Locality: Rari, Chile

  • Designers: Paula Corrales & Mitsue Kido

  • Year of Production: 2018

  • Material: Crin, bras

  • Artisans: Maestra Madre Artisanal Community and
    Tres Marías Artisanal Community

  • Contact Info: (56) 9 9127 0655 / (56) 9 9900 9674

  • Tech Specs: G9 Led Electric System, 2 core textile cord, Voltage 220-240V

Photographer: Alejandro Galvez

For more info, please contact us via e-mail to:
or paulacorrales.studio@gmail.com