Pita Basketry Lamp

Lamps From Chile 2018
Maule Region, Chile

Pita is a plant that grows in Teno, at the north of the Maule Region in Chile. To work this vegetable fiber the artisans mince and dry the leaf to braided and start working with it. For the basketry, we add a brass piece, works as a connection to make the lamp.

  • Craft: Pita Basketry

  • Locality: Teno, Chile

  • Designers: Paula Corrales & Mitsue Kido

  • Year of Production: 2018

  • Material: Pita, Brass

  • Artisans: Carmen Guzmán and Family

  • Contact Info: (56) 9 8953 2636 / (56) 75 259 1214

  • Tech Specs: E27 Led Electric System with 2 core textile cord

Photographer: Alejandro Galvez

For more info, please contact us via e-mail to:
or paulacorrales.studio@gmail.com