WS Collection

Recycled,Designed,Handmade in Chile
Since 2013

This project started in 2013 as a search on how to recycle and reuse cork waste in a country like Chile, which has one of the biggest wine industries of the world, but does not produce or manufacture this material, therefore spends millions of dollars
per year in wine stoppers that go to waste.

How can we manufacture cork products in a country without any facilities to work with this type of material?

By studying the processes of the international cork industry of Spain and Portugal (biggest cork producers and manufacturers), we were able to replicate all these processes at a Low TECH level, that is easy to implement in any place with an hydraulic press and house oven.

Even though the products are made by aluminum molds, they handcrafted, taking approximately 6 hours to produce a single item (from the grinding, to the purification of the waste and the re-agglomeration), independent of its size.

Through this collection we wanted to reflect the handcrafted nature of our items. The new WS Collection (WS is the abbreviation of Wine Stoppers) incorporates a pre-agglomeration dyed process. By the random mix between dyed cork and natural cork, we can get aleatory and unique results in a same product.

Photographer: Francisca Sanchez

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